Get to know our Smart Money Expert with our Meet The Team article on this week’s expert, Chantall Eksteen. Having previously owned and operated her own business for 15 years, Chantall understands the rewards and challenges of running your own business. Chantall is the newest member of the Smart Money team and quickly settled into her new role at Smart Money as a Business Development Executive.

Here are a few facts about Chantall before you meet her…

Where Were You Born?
South Africa

What do you enjoy Doing In Your Spare Time?
Having beach days with my girlfriends, barbecues with friends and family or exploring the many beautiful cliff paths around Jersey with my husband.

If You Could Have One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?
Roasted duck in a cherry sauce with some veggies.

Where Is Your Favourite Holiday Destination And Why?
Anywhere in Europe or the UK with a race track where the MotoGP is held. We can then watch the racing over the weekend and explore the beautiful surrounding areas for the rest of the week.

Do You Have Any Recommendations For Someone Looking To Take Out A Loan?

 I have two recommendations;

  1. Don’t submit too many loan applications – When you apply for a loan, some background checks will leave a “footprint” on your credit record which all lenders check before approving a loan. Having lots of applications on your record could make you look desperate or in financial difficulties. As a result, lenders will therefore see you as more of a credit risk, so your latest loan application is less likely to be approved.


Which brings me to my second recommendation.

  1. Borrow more – Confirming what Josh suggested, in general, the larger the loan the lower the interest rate. There are occasions where you can actually save money by borrowing slightly more.


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