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Our Smart Money Expert: Josh Le Corre

Smart Money Expert

Get to know our Smart Money Expert with our Meet The Team article on this week’s expert, Josh Le Corre. Josh has been working in the broker/lending industry over 2.5 years and is our Business Development Executive. His role is to assist you every-step of the way during your borrowing application.

Here are a few facts about Josh before you meet him…

Where Were You Born?


What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Spare Time

Anything related to the sea – fishing, surfing, out on the boats with friends etc. Cooking and generally being outdoors. 

If You Could Have One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Something fish based, Crab and Lobster Linguine or a nice fresh fillet of Bass.

Where Is Your Favourite Holiday Destination and Why?

Hmm, I have two for different reasons. Vietnam for the adventure, diversity, culture and scenery (we rode from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi on motorbikes over 4 weeks – like Top Gear). 

Bali for the ultimate relaxation and general vibe, the people and culture. Not to forget the beaches, scenery and range of activities including surfing, scuba diving etc. The perfect place to go if you want to forget about the daily grind.

Do You Have Any Recommendations For Someone Looking To Take Out a Loan?

Speak to Smart Money first! Naturally that would be my first recommendation however, of course there are various things to consider and ways you can improve your chances of being approved. Alongside Kelly’s tip of steering clear of payday loans, I would further suggest; stay within your limits, whilst most bank accounts will allow you to exceed your overdraft limit this is detrimental to a loan application especially if this is frequently exceeded.

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