How To Save Money With These Apps

There’s an app for everything these days, from social media and photography/video editing to learning languages and educating your children – the possibilities are really endless! We’ve honed in on what apps are in the tech-world that can help you save money. Many people see online-banking as a god-send and others believe its a sin, because it’s too easy to access your money and therefore all willpower to save goes out the window. 

Check out our top 3 apps that are here to help you save money and budget for future life events: 

How To Save Money – CLEO 

An artificial intelligence app designed to help budgeting more fun. 

At present, Cleo has over 2million users that ask her various day-to-day money questions, to find out whether or not their budget allows them to enjoy a coffee, dinner or lunch out at a restaurant or cafe. This app is built within Facebook Messenger, and acts as your personal financial advisor. It will help you hit your budget goals and analyses your transactions so you can stay on top of your money and not feel guilty for going out on that spontaneous ‘Friday night drinks’.

The app is linked with your online banking and connected securely through an encrypted page. We know this may begin to ring alarm bells in your head, and with the commotion of Facebook’s data scandal last year, you are right to feel unsettled about this app. But who doesn’t give second chances? 


Number of Users: 2million

Conversations: 158million

Transactions: 850million

How To Save Money – EMMA 

A financial advocate app designed to help you avoid overdrafts, cancel unused subscriptions, track your debt and save money. 

Using technology to analyse personal finances, Emma watches your in-and-outgoings to see how you could save more with unused subscriptions (Netflix/Prime/other Apps) and how you could live a more cost-efficient life. Emma even sends you notifications when you receive a refund, when standing orders are paid and your monthly salary hops into your account (it’s like a mini Christmas!). The app supports crypto-currency as well, so if you’re dipping your toe into these financial services, as well as trying to juggle your current accounts, they will all be collated into one clean-looking app. 

Available on iOS & Android

How To Save Money – GOODBUDGET

An app suited to couples who can share their budgets with one another to help with their monthly home allowance. 

Goodbudget is a replacement of the old-school spreadsheets with a budget tracker that helps keep your family income on track 24/7. The benefiting factor of this app, its data doesn’t rely on being linked to your bank accounts. This is purely generated through what costs you input and share with other devices in your family. Additionally, it ‘does what it says on the packet’ when it comes to budgeting, allowing you to save for big expenses and monitor paying off your debts. 

Available on iOS & Android

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